Wondering if You Really Need Notepads for Your Business?

Business cards – check. Stationery – check. Brochures – check. 

We’re sure you’ve got all your key marketing tools all ready to fire. But we’d like to add the humble notepad to this mix. More often than not, notepads are viewed as add-ons. They are either printed only for special occasions or simply forgotten. However, notepads come with the power of subtly and ease of entry that can really get you out there and noticed. Here’s why:

Universal Usefulness

Everyone needs a notepad. People in offices all over the world use notepads to jot things, to scribble rough ideas or to send informal notes. And who can deny the allure of a set of beautifully designed, branded sheets of good paper? Very few of us throw a new notepad away. It’s just too useful to do that.

Which brings us to the next point.

Accessible and Visible

A notepad is always handy and in plain sight. Not tucked away under stacks of files or paper. When your clients need to call you, they don’t have to shuffle through a bunch of business cards or rummage around for your brochure. They can read your number straight off the notepad you handed them recently. A page of your branded notepad can also be the easiest way for your clients to refer colleagues, family or friends to you. At Adelphi Design & Print, we can even incorporate your QR code making it even easier to embed information that can be easily read by a smartphone.

Budget Friendly

The notepad is not only useful, but also helps your brand stay visible. And this can be done at a relatively small price. Plus, the per unit cost goes down as the quantity increases. This means you can be quite generous with handing them to prospects and clients. Thanks to their great functionality notepads have a higher perceived value and people are happy to take them. 

Flexibility and Range

Notepads can be printed in so many sizes, diverse colours and customized to suit all your needs. You can choose from the number of pages to the type of binding. With Adelphi Design & Print ( you can order them A4, A5, A6 and DL sizes. We can make them with padding at the top (short edge) or the side (long edge). Our notepads come with a backing board and we can cater for any modifications of your choice including size, paper or colours.

So, get ahead with this fabulous promotional tool that costs far less than most others and gives your brand visibility when it matters most. You can easily place an order with our hassle-free online ordering tool. You can also call the team on 1300 134 894 to discuss in more detail or email us at [email protected].