Why you should consider printing Presentation Folders for your Business

Presentation folders are a great addition to your identity kit to create the impact you desire. While folders have always been useful for storing documents and carrying papers without damaging them, more and more businesses are waking up their many purposes beyond simple utility. Folders can help your business with marketing and brand visibility just as well as other printed elements of your identity kit.


Put your Best Foot Forward

Presentation folders can really project a professional and purposeful image to your clients. If you have a neatly packaged folder containing your brand logo and message prominently displayed, it immediately lends authenticity to the contents. The presentation folder is a precursor to what your client can expect to find inside. Providing your employees with a presentation folder to carry to their meetings will ensure they are well prepared and at their professional best.


Don’t miss the Branding Opportunity

With the ample space and scope for creative designs, the presentation folder can be your strongest ally for marketing and branding your business. The logo, tagline, business intent or brand message will be right there and difficult to ignore. A smartly designed presentation folder can certainly be the best way to tie together your entire brand identity kit.


Make the Versatility Work for you

Presentation folders can be almost as versatile as a length of cloth in a dressmaker’s hands. It is a building block, so you can use it for several purposes. Create information packs, press kits, seminar or event folders and document files from your nifty, universal branded folder. And if you’ve created something that is a delight to have thanks to the organizational advantage, people will want to use your folder beyond its primary purpose.


Grab attention with Design and Finish

Presentation folders can really up the creativity quotient of your identity kit. With so many different ways to fabricate a folder, the sky is the limit. You can decide how the folder opens (normal file or like a four-fold package), the number of pockets inside and even whether you want the option of including a filing function. The thickness, texture and finish of the paper you go with will add to the overall effect of the folder. You can use illustrations, pictures or effects like embossing and foil stamping to add a distinct flourish to your folders.


With the neat presentation folders, you’re sure to have a great carry-all option handy at all times. So no more worrying about how to carry forms, brochures, notepads or papers in mint condition! Just get your business the folder advantage and breathe easy. At Adelphi Design & Print ( we can help you create custom folders in a variety of paper textures and finishes.


To print your attractive new presentation folders, all you need to do is place an order with our user-friendly online ordering tool. Please feel free to call the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your project in more detail.