Why Printed Catalogues Are Still A Great Way to Market Your Business and Products

Businesses are today evolving into agile and profitable ventures by pruning their spending. A common casualty of this tends to be the printed catalogue. While this may seem effective, especially given the increasing influence of the online medium, there are reasons to believe that it may not be the best move you make for your business.


Printed catalogues account for 60% of the advertising spending of Australian retailers. In a recent study conducted by the Australian Catalogue Association, retailers are spending close to $1.5 billion per year on creating printed catalogues. Surely, there is something for small and medium businesses to learn from this.


People Love All Things Print

The same study has revealed that 70% of the respondents prefer reading a printed catalogue to going online and browsing through a digital version. What’s reassuring is that the so-called digital beings (young Australians between 24-35 years of age) are also rooting for printed beauties with only a sliver of 15% in favour of online catalogues. Isn’t a printed catalogue much like a glossy magazine – visually stunning and filled with new information? And free.


Convenient and Effortless

A printed catalogue can be flipped through at any time and even while lounging on your couch. Customers can read at leisure, mark out things they like and pick up where they last left off easily. Unlike a digital catalogue, there is no need to depend on a device and click through online pages, which take frustratingly long to load. The comparatively passive style of looking through a printed catalogue is much more appealing to anyone looking to buy your products.


Product is the Star

A printed catalogue shows products in their best light with stunning pictures and features. The quality of experiencing the catalogue can be controlled by the producers. Online catalogues, while capable of including more dynamic effects rely on the end user’s computer to produce the final impression – no control over things like colours, brightness or speed of loading.


A Powerful Sales Tool

The printed catalogue is one of the most important sales tools that you can give your sales force. It gives clients a background about your company helping to build credibility. A catalogue is a great way to open a cold call or can be a leave-behind after a meeting. Catalogues are physical reminders for your clients, they can just flip through the pages at their convenience and pick what to buy. Some clients even use catalogues from their partners as training tools for their staff since it’s the best place where you have all the information at one go!


While it does make sense to have an online version, a printed catalogue is, simply put, indispensable. In fact businesses have seen a substantial spike in their web sales just when a printed catalogue has been mailed out to their clients and customers, suggesting the need for seamless integration across media. Even if the catalogue is printed, it’s a good idea to have multiple channels for placing the order – over the phone, order forms through mail, on your website or even social media pages.


So rest assured, your investment in the printed catalogue is sure to be appreciated by your customers and will bring in the orders. For the best results, we’d recommend the services of a professional printing company. Adelphi Design & Print ( can help you with your design and print needs of creating a winning catalogue. With our easy online ordering system you can have glistening new catalogues to send out to your valued customers. Please feel free to call the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your project in more detail.


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