Why Letterheads are Vital for your Brand Building

The world over, a letterhead is perhaps the most used form of communication for businesses after email. People use letterheads for covering letters, correspondence and also for promotional material. A letterhead is usually part of a complete stationery design package and has many advantages that make it a great, subtle marketing medium.


Brand Identity

Often, your letterhead may be the first point of contact with your brand. Even when that may not be the case, the simple letterhead does the job of reinforcing the brand identity. It is an opportunity to enhance the brand’s image in the mind of the receiver.


Credibility and Professionalism

When someone receives a letter that is printed on a well-designed, branded letterhead, the content is bound to be taken more seriously. It underlines the perception of a professional business offering good quality, reliable services. Letterheads lend credibility, inspire trust and boost your professional image. So no matter how small you start, the fact that you’re willing to invest in branded stationery emphasizes your commitment to your business.


Brand Differentiation

When every business is fighting for attention, differentiation can come to your aid in being memorable. An interestingly designed, well thought-out letterhead can be a pleasurable encounter with your brand. You can easily achieve this with a unique logo as well as good use of space, colours and textures. At Adelphi Design & Print (, we encourage you to explore a range of designs, papers and finishing.


To get the most out of your investment in printing letterheads, it’s worth keeping an eye on some important factors.


Minimal Content

Try to prioritize what you want to include on the letterhead. Some companies opt for a common letterhead irrespective of who is using it – the name and designation in the sign-off is the only personalization. Other companies prefer to put the names of the key players or individuals in the masthead. While there may be legal requirements to include registered addresses and contact details, a letterhead is one place where less may be more.


Notable Design

Create a clean layout that will give enough space to hold the content of your correspondence. Try interesting ways of placing your company details. You can create something remarkable through the use of colours, graphics or even patterns on the otherwise plain back of the letterhead. It goes without saying that the letterhead should embody your brand and be consistent with the rest of the business identity.


Paper Quality

You can take advantage of the different paper stocks available for printing your letterhead. Keep in mind the tactile feel you would like to convey. Also, some textures may compliment your overall design and brand identity better. For example, an uncoated, pearly-finish heavy paper may be just perfect for a high-end jewelry design business.



There are several ways to add a special touch to the ordinary letterhead. Convey sophistication by employing the spot-UV process to your design. This will infuse dynamism by reflecting light differently compared to the non-UV part of the letterhead and make it a visual treat. Other exciting options to consider are embossed or de-embossed effects, die-cutting or foil-blocking.


Hopefully, with some of these suggestions you will be able to transform your letterhead into a dazzling piece of your advertising toolkit. So go ahead, create some great new letterheads that reflect your brand image today!


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