Why is the Business Card Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

We live in a world of smartphone, tablets, superfast internet and virtual commuting. Technology has made our life better in many ways, but there are some things that cannot be replaced. And your business card is one of these. A business card is useful for so much more than just being an inexpensive way to share your contact details.


Presenting Your Brand

It is often said that the first impression is the last impression and your business card plays a vital role in introducing your brand to clients. When prospective clients receive your card, it helps to establish that you are a professional business offering good quality services. Business cards give credibility and inspire trust in your business. Business cards boost your professional image, so it’s a good idea to print them even if you’re a one-person company or a freelancer.


Brand Message

Your business card captures the essence of your brand in a nutshell. It reflects the image of your brand – a graphic designer will have a creative business card while an architectural firm may use a clean, simple design to cue modernity. The designation of the card holder may suggest a traditional or a more modern set up – for example, the head of copy for an agency can be called ‘Creative Director – Copy’ or ‘Chief Sloganeer’. Your card can help you project the business values that may be the guiding principles of your company.



In today’s crowded marketplace, everyone is jostling for new business. Differentiation is a vital ingredient of the winning story. An interesting, memorable business card can ensure that your clients will recall your brand in times of need. It can be done with a nicely designed logo, clear messaging as well as clever use of colours and textures. At Adelphi Design & Print (, you have a range of options whether it comes to designs, papers or finishing.


Call to Action

A professional looking business card can actually help bring in those sales. If you’ve covered the first three areas, you have saved your business card from being tossed in the trash. In times of need, clients will remember to ring you. But you can go a step further and include a call well-crafted call to action message. Offer a discount, guide people to your website via a QR code or include a relevant tip.

Your business card can be a conversation starter for all the right reasons. Keep the information clear, useful and legible while infusing your brand values into it. Take advantage of the amazing customization options that Adelphi offers to make your cards stand out. Use glossy, matte, UV, spot lamination or the exciting silver printing or Crystal Varnish for a unique finishing. Trim the edges, round the corners or feel free to explore new ideas, we’re always happy to innovate.

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