Use your Brochures Effectively to Get More out of them

Even in an increasingly digital age, print media and face-to-face meetings still hold sway over customer trust. Printing brochures is a good way to ensure brand presence where it matters, be it your own place of business, at trade shows or even in your client’s office. While brochures greatly boost marketing efforts with their ability to target the right customer and improve brand value, businesses must persistently think of ways to use them more effectively. Here is some food for thought.


Natural Extension to Business Card

A brochure is really a more detailed version of your business card. It not only introduces what you do, but also provides information about products, services, locations and testimonials of past work. It’s worth keeping a few brochures handy so that you can offer them to clients and prospects easily. They are also perfect leave-behinds after a meeting. Spread the love, we say!


What do Readers Want?

It goes without saying that the content needs to be valuable to your readers. As a rule of thumb, keep out the jargon unless you’re talking product specifications. The subtle art of marketing is about writing content that can be understood by a lay person. If you use too many technical terms, you run the risk of boring someone who is looking for a broad understanding. Engaging content will usually win over simply stated hard facts.


Design with Purpose

Take some time to decide on the overall look and feel of your brochure. If you want to make it compact then experiment with sizes, folds as well as organization of content and images. You can convert a single sheet of A4 paper into a two-fold or three-fold brochure. A luxury brand owner may want to project a sense of lavishness, and choose a design with plenty of empty space. Special paper, colours and printing techniques can make your brochure jump off the racks! A skillful printing company like Adelphi Design & Print can offer you several options to do this. Check out our online ordering tool to explore the versatility we provide.


Friends of Your Brand

Do some research of local businesses and see who else is talking to your audience, albeit from a non-competing industry. Team up with these businesses to create co-branding opportunities. You could offer to display their brochures or booklets at your place and expect the same in return. Send their brochure in your next mail-out to clients and vice-versa. Be creative and think outside the box to come up with some exciting possibilities.


Support a Proposal or Bid

Get more from your investment by clever use of brochures as supporting documents in proposals and bids. The smartly packaged brochure or booklet will add credibility, explain your products in detail and show why your brand is unique. It’s the next best thing to you pitching your business in person!


You can also add a brochure to outgoing mail from your office. Whether it is invoices, statements to clients, reports or documents for approvals, the brochure will reach your esteemed client-list for free.


Solicit Referrals

You trust a brand better if a friend endorses it, right? Why not request your existing clients to do this for you? Use the power of personal recommendations – send 3 copies of your brochure to clients inviting them to give it to people who could use your company’s services. If you’ve built a loyal customer base, your phone will be ringing off the hook with this simple idea.


Generate Action

Most people view brochures or booklets as passive forms of communication meant to only dispense information. Multiply the power of your brochure by adding an offer or a reply card for more information. Trials, discounts, combo-offers and contests can all increase your chances for a sale. Throw in some digital pizazz by including a QR code that breathes life into a static, printed brochure!


Given the many advantages of having a printed booklet or brochure, it makes good business sense to push the distribution in ingenious ways. With just a little imaginative brain-storming, you and your team can come up with a long list of ideas that can do wonders for your brand.


Go ahead and build a special, personalized relationship with your clients using booklets and brochures. With our convenient online ordering tool you can easily place an order. If you’d like to discuss details, please feel free to call the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected].


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