Use Magnets for Successful Business Marketing

Small businesses are rapidly adapting to the new marketing environment. While technology has made it easier to have access to consumers, given the pace of our lives and the massive intrusion of marketing messages on our senses, consumers are inclined towards blocking out all forms of messaging. This is where small, local businesses can actually benefit from innovative ways of using the simple magnet for their marketing. Here are a few reasons why magnets can be a good way to engage your consumers.


Nifty and Useful

By their intrinsic property of sticking to metal surfaces, magnets are hugely popular both in homes as well as in offices. Any kitchen’s refrigerator is bound to have at least a couple and filing cabinets are, well, magnets for magnets! Magnets help to organize things or hold up important information. Why not employ these hardworking magnets that everyone needs to talk about your brand and business too?


Fun and Vibrant

People use magnets to not only hold up report cards or family pictures, but also brighten up a space. Magnets can help personalize a drab piece of metal surface in an instant. By having a fun, vibrant and distinctive magnet, you can add a dash of colour to your consumer’s life. This in turn will also make your business appear more approachable and friendly to your customers.


Stickiness Factor

Usually, people use magnets in areas where they work, learn, cook or play. Naturally, these areas are where people spend a substantial amount of time. If your brand name and contact details are up on a magnet, chances are your consumer sees them many times in a day. And just like that, your business becomes a part of your consumer’s life, effortlessly.


The best part of using a magnet to promote your business is the plethora of options that you can choose from. If you print them from Adelphi Design & Print (, you can experiment with as many shapes and sizes as you want. One of the most popular styles of magnets we print is the business card – an actual-sized business card that can be printed in full colour and has a glossy finish.


No matter what business you’re in, a magnet can be a handy investment to create customer recall. If you’re a dentist, a laundry, a cake shop or an auto repair shop, you can come up with creative ways of customizing magnets that will also be useful to your customers. For example, you can print a calendar of local events or have a rewritable surface to scribble down the next appointment.


Magnets can be handed out to customers along with bills or invoices. They can also be attached to flyers or brochures and dropped off in your target area. Or you can simply present them to clients and customers, people are always happy to receive something thoughtful.


Dream up a list of great ideas with magnets to increase the marketing power of your business. And to print your attractive new magnets, all you need to do is place an order with our user-friendly online ordering tool. Please feel free to call the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your project in more detail.