Use Flyers & Flat Cards Effectively to Promote Your Business

With new, mobile technology being the current forerunner for marketing, business owners may begin to question the effectiveness of existing tactical tools like Flyers and Flat Cards. Local area marketing by using Flyers and Flat Cards for announcing discounts, offers and new products can be hugely effective.

Here are a few things that may assist you in creating Flyers and Flat Cards that will bring in the business.


Target the Right Audience

A detailed understanding of gender, age range, and lifestyle choices of the people that your business is talking to is crucial. Zero-in on the lucrative audience for whom your offerings will be relevant and appealing.


Mention the Benefit Upfront

Clearly articulate the benefit in an interesting way. You can do that by setting up the problem and then offering the solution. Don’t just list the products and services, tell consumers how you can make their lives better.


Insert a Call to Action

Flyers and Flat Cards by their very nature suggest immediacy. Get your clientele to respond quickly by adding phrases like ‘call now’, ‘order now’ or ‘limited period offer’. Provide coupons to be used soon, offer discounts and demonstrate savings that enhance the attractiveness of your business.


Use Innovative Design

Opt for colors and unusual shapes or sizes to get attention. Bright coloured flyers are often more memorable. Incorporate QR codes to direct users to a specific online site and add interactivity too. Use door hangers, flat cards or flyers with attractive pictures and art.


Find the Right Target Area

This is crucial to the success of your marketing. Distributing to the right audience in the locality of your business and other clients is a smart choice. It will bring in more business in close clusters and cut down on travel costs. It is just as important to find the right time when consumers will be receptive to your offers. Depending on your business and the location of your consumers distribute your flyers in person, through mail or at complementary local businesses like malls, coffee shops, even salons.


Improve your ROI

The cost of printing flyers is much lesser than investment of time spent on designing and distributing. To improve the return on your investment, use both sides of the paper – include customer testimonials, tips and advice or price list. Experiment with sizes, messaging or discounts and keep track of response generated. Explore the options at your disposal when you print Flyers and Flat Cards at Adelphi Design & Print (


Bonus Tip: Add a line asking for a ‘pass-along’ in case the reader thinks someone else they know could use your products and services. Not only will the flyer reach another prospective client, but also have the added benefit of word-of-mouth style recommendation for your business. It won’t increase the printing costs by a single penny but will improve your success ratio.


Flyers and Flat Cards can help you reach your audience in many interesting ways. We hope you will use the tips we’ve shared the next time you use Flyers and Flat Cards for promoting your business. With our hassle-free online ordering tool, it’s super easy to create made-to-order Flyers and Flat Cards for your business. If you’d like to discuss details, please feel free to call the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected].