Tips for Creating Professional Letterhead

Letterhead is used every day by businesses as a way to make their correspondence more personalized. It showcases the company and/or the individual who is writing. There are various ways that letterhead can help a business, such as making it appear larger or to appear more business-like. However, it is important to utilise the letterhead and to avoid making common mistakes.

  1. Use Color. Adding color to your letterhead can make it more visually appealing. However, it is important to only use the color to enhance your design, not overpower it. Remember to leave blank areas in your design and avoid using color to fill up spaces.
  2. Use Coordinating Envelopes. If you plan on using letterhead make sure to coordinate your envelopes to match. It appears more professional when the sender receives it. Plus you can easily purchase them together.
  3. Use Your Alignment. The alignment can determine the type of letterhead it is. Traditional designs commonly use a left alignment, while many more modern designs tend to use a center alignment. Think about your options and what you plan to portray with your designs.
  4. Use the Correct Font. One of the most important things to remember when selecting your font is that you need to match it to your corporate logo or other marketing materials. Use the correct size, as well as avoid fancy or decorated fonts. The entire purpose of your letterhead design is to showcase your company, NOT to showcase a fancy designed font.
  5. Simple is Better. Simplicity is always the best way to design your letterhead. If you create a complex design, your viewer could miss out on the message you are trying to convey. Letterhead is for supporting your message, not to overpower it.
  6. Get a Proof. Prior to going to print make sure to look over your proof. Check for spelling, visual appeal, and ALWAYS make sure all information is accurate! Nothing looks unprofessional like a letterhead with inaccurate information. It gives the appearance that the viewer is not worth the time of sending correct information to.

It is important for businesses, especially small businesses, to utilise every dollar they spend. Letterhead is not only a good investment for communication purposes, but for marketing as well. It is a way for you to further your corporate branding. Whatever you use your letterhead for it is a great way to show your professionalism.

All papers used by Adelphi are FSC certified (Froest Stewardship Council). You can choose to have one or both sides used for your letterhead as well as multiple paper and sizing options. Please feel free to contact the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your project in more detail.