Things to Consider When Creating Your Counter Display

From promoting products, holding brochures, or even promoting the business itself, counter displays are an important piece of marketing material that can be overlooked. These items are used throughout the business industry and can help to add to your business’ overall success. However, it is also important to consider certain aspects prior to creating your counter display. This will help to fully utilise your marketing capabilities and to reach your full potential with the counter display.

Do Your Research. – Look into what other similar businesses are doing for their counter display advertising. Research your target market. Find out what drives them, what displays that are more prone to success. See what works and what doesn’t work. This will allow you to get the most out of your product without having to go through the initial trial and error phases your competitors had to go through. Not to mention, it will save both time and money for your business.

Personalize Your Content. – Do you sell to business to business, or B2B, or are you planning to work with business to consumer, or B2C? Questions such as these are vital to how you personalize your content to your target audience. For instance, B2B takes longer to sell to. Individual consumers can purchase on an impulse, while businesses have to go through the proper channels. Personalization creates more of a dynamic display. Remember, you want to draw in your prospective clients and compel them to purchase or seek out more information.

Be Bold and Vibrant. – Make your display attract attention. Give people a reason to stop and view your marketing materials. Use bright colors, attractive and relevant images, bold fonts, or even a great offer, this will help to draw attention to your display and motivate potential clients to look further into your information. However, make sure your colors, font, and images work well together. A bad design of display can also send the wrong message about your business.

Keep It Simple. Making your viewers work for your message is a bad idea. They need to understand what you want to get across just by looking at your counter display. Generally, it is a good idea to express only one idea, two at most. Otherwise, you could confuse your consumer as to what you want to get across. This also leads to less effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Keep it simple. Offer one simple idea or message, and have supportive information to back it up. Any additional information you want them to have should be found by other means, such as a brochure, a website address, or a phone number to call your business.

Know Your Placement. Know where you need to distribute your counter displays. They should be placed anywhere your target market goes, from restaurants to doctors’ offices. Think about your clientele and their needs. Plus, as long as you are not a direct competitor, many businesses tend to be willing to work with you on placement of your display.

Whether your business is large or small, there are ways for your company to utilise this great marketing material. Think about what you are trying to accomplish with your counter display. Remember to do your research and keep your message simple. By using these considerations, you can remain relevant to your target market and boost your marketing effectiveness.