Quality printing reflects your service

Cheap printing? Who needs it?

You know that great printed flyers get you business.  That’s why you do it in the first place, right?  But did you know that a good quality flyer attracts more attention within those all-important first few seconds?

You write and re-write the copy, agonising over every word.  You do this so that your customer understands what you’re offering and the quality of your products and service.

You spend hours sorting through just the right photos, or arrange to have new photographs taken.   Your designer spends hours getting just the right look.

First impressions

Did you know that your printed flyer has just a few seconds to make an impression?  That’s right, when you take your mail from the mailbox, or open the paper and see a flyer it’s not just the words and pictures that grab the audience.

Subconsciously, you’re also assessing the quality of the flyer and you do this almost instantly.  Your brains pick up on the quality of the paper or card used and your eyes transmit the clarity and brightness of the images and the density and precision of the text.

It’s like walking into a shop of office and you immediately get a feel for whether this is a prosperous and business-like operation.  You know if this is a business you want to patronise.

Quality printing

Your customers will infer the quality of your products and services from your marketing material.  Make sure the quality of your flyers, brochures and catalogues reflect the quality of your business. 






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