Print To Impress!

Do you wear good business attire and pay particular attention to your grooming when making a business presentation to your clients?  Your client sees this as a mark of respect and a reflection of the quality of the services you provide.

Do your business presentations, quotes and proposals also reflect the quality of your organisation?

Presentation is just as important as content, but often overlooked.  Your customers will, consciously or unconsciously, associate the quality of your presentation with the content.  

A memorable folder, design, image, colour scheme or paper can be a significant factor in the reception your offer receives.  The design and quality can be tailored to suit both the content and your audience.

Impress your audience with a well executed, high quality and customised offering.

An ideal way to present your proposal or quote is in a customised presentation folder.  This is a cost effective way to impress your client.

It keeps your proposal documents together neatly and a pleasing appearance and quality will be more memorable than a sheaf of stapled papers.  

A well designed, prestige presentation folder also shows the value you place on your customer relations.  

It’s not necessary to print hundreds of presentation folders, as little as ten to twelve folders can be produced quickly and economically.

If the nature of your presentation varies it’s very easy to adapt the contents.  A new business card can be slipped in place; your latest catalogue, brochure or pricing structure can be updated and inserted.  Personalised submissions and business specific tenders can be presented in a safe and substantial way.

Think about your next presentation.  Does it really reflect the quality of your service?