How Do You Thank Your Customers?

How Do You Thank Your Customers?

Do you sometimes feel self-conscious thanking your customers, staff and colleagues?

The approaching season of goodwill makes it easy to include your business associates in your thanks.

A quickly thrown and incidental “thanks” will be forgiven by family and friends.   A business associate, particularly a customer, deserves to be properly acknowledged and Christmas provides the ideal opportunity.


Nothing beats a personalised Christmas card to say “thanks” to your clients, suppliers and colleagues.  It recognises their contribution to your success and is a positive reminder of your service.


A Personalised Christmas Card can Maintain Relationships

In this age of internet business we often have customers that we never meet at all.  A company Christmas card is a way of personalising the relationship you have with online customers.  It says “we know you’re an actual person, and so am I”.


Your card can be Christmas themed, or a more generalised message of peace and goodwill.  You may even prefer to send a New Year’s Greeting card. 

A well designed and branded Christmas card is memorable.  Your recipients will notice your card and remember your thoughts and your business!

Keeping In Touch 

It’s sometimes difficult to keep in touch with your customers, especially for services that are only required occasionally.  A printed Christmas card is a great way to maintain a friendly relationship with customers you don’t see very often.

Adelphi Design & Print offers a full Christmas card printing service for businesses.  We have a variety of designs to choose from, or you can supply your own artwork.  We can even design new artwork exclusively for your business.

Don’t leave it too late, this year, you need to call us soon to arrange your printed Christmas cards for this Christmas!