How Compliment Slips can Aid your Business

Every ambitious business is on the lookout for new ways of growth both from existing customers and fresher avenues. While the main focus may be on heavy hitters like brochures, posters or flyers, business stationery has a vital role to play as well. Compliment slips are a powerful tool in your arsenal to building better relationships, which can result in great business inflow.


Compliment slips can be used to send a hand written note to a client, customer or supplier and are really handy in this highly digitized business world. Here are a few reasons why we think your business can benefit from them.



Building your business needs you to constantly network with clients, customers and suppliers. A compliment slip can help you do this with a simple note accompanying bills, invoices, brochures or any other business document. Compliment slips are also perfect when you send a gift or respond to an invitation. A simple thank you note or message to encourage someone’s contribution can create a positive impact that lasts.


Personal Touch

In a world of emails, instant messaging and digital communications, the compliment slip is an excellent opportunity to add a dash of personal attention to your correspondence. A handwritten note’s value has gone up considerably in our world dominated by virtual communications. It is a chance to express a special message, in your own handwriting and will surely be appreciated by the recipient.



Compliment slips can be used for as many things as you can imagine. Gratitude, congratulations, kudos, encouragement or even informal instructions can be penned by you on the compliment slip that accompanies the primary package.


Image Building

Since the compliment slip is a part of your stationery, it carries important information like your logo, tagline and contact details. It immediately becomes a vehicle for your brand to create an impression. While your message may be personal and suited to the situation at hand, there is no denying that it gets associated with your business. Compliment slips can be subtle way to shape affirmative perceptions about your business.


The best part of using compliment slips is that they can help you build relationships at a small fraction of your marketing budget. By using impressive designs, colours and good quality paper, you can have an inexpensive, personal brand building tool for your business. At Adelphi Design and Print ( we can print your compliment slips in two sizes (DL and A6) on high quality papers.


With compliment slips can help you build lasting relationships with your stakeholders. You can now easily place and order for your set using our hassle-free online ordering tool. If you’d like to discuss details, or have any questions, please feel free to call the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected].