Fast Flyers: Short Run, Quick Delivery

Fast Flyers: Short Run, Quick Delivery

A phone call on Tuesday morning:

“We’ve had a disappointment for our Medico’s Conference next week, one of our showcase product presenters can’t come.  Are you available?”

“Sure,” you reply.  “That’s great, thanks for the invite!” 

You’re pretty excited as this is an opening you’ve been pursuing for eightteen months.  But as you put down the phone, you realise you’ve no literature to hand out: your brochures don’t reflect that ideal new product, your price lists are out of date and your business cards have your old website address.

Quality printing, fast

Are you one of the many small to medium enterprises that don’t need ten thousand copies of their brochure?  Or perhaps you’re going to a small but worthwhile business showcase and need a short run of specially targeted, quality flyers?

It’s important to be able to provide quality, up to date literature to your clients.  An unexpected opportunity can be blown if you can’t follow up your product presentation with informative brochures and comprehensive contact info.

Adelphi can design and print high quality, short run brochures and fliers quickly.

We’ll liaise with you to create the most appropriate format literature for your event, we’ll design and print and deliver to your deadline.

Personal and professional attention

So next time you get that unexpected call – ring Diana at Adelphi for personal and professional attention.   Adelphi Design & Print will make sure you make the right impression, fast.


Adelphi Design & Print for short run printing, quick delivery.

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