Common Flyer Mistakes

Flyers are an important part of marketing. They help to advertise events, feature products or services, or even help to locate something you have lost, such as a dog. The uses for flyers are endless. However, when creating your flyer you want to make sure it stands out so that people will want to know more about the information. Avoid these common mistakes when embarking on your flyer design.

  1. Clutter – Whether it is too much information or too many pictures. Clutter can turn a flyer from extravagant to avoidable. When creating your flyer make sure that the visual appeal is there when you are up close to read it or even from farther away.
  2. Spelling or Other Typographical Errors – Nothing ruins a flyer faster than making simple mistakes such as misspelled words. Accuracy is vital to the success of your flyer. Not to mention, an accurate flyer is a professional flyer.
  3. Over Repetitive – Yes, you want your flyer to showcase the Key information such as the time of your event, what you are doing, or where it is at. However, repeating the information constantly or using the same phrases over and over will only hurt the overall appeal of your flyer.
  4. Not Providing Key Information – Make sure to have all vital information on the flyer. Is there a price to pay to get into your event? What services are you providing? Do you need to RSVP? Information is important. WIthout it, you can lose out on clientele.
  5. USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS – You don’t scream at your clients, so why would you appear to be screaming at those who read your flyer? Avoid overusing exclamation points or capitalizing every word. You want to use these items to accentuate specific information.
  6. Using Irrelevant or Poor Imagery – Images used in your flyer should appeal to what the flyer is about. Avoid stretching low resolution photos or using photos that have nothing to do with your event or service. This can confuse or even give the wrong message to your readers.
  7. Unclear Message – Your flyer should be understood by your reader within a first glance. The message needs to be clear. Think of it this way. If the information isn’t understood in a first glance, why would the reader need to take a second look?

Flyers are a marketing method that can be overlooked. The entire point of a flyer is to get your message out there. Avoid clutter and typographical mistakes. These and other common mistakes can ruin your design. Whether you’re creating them for new or existing client, you want your meesage to look as professional as possible.

Flyers are a versatile marketing method and can help you to reach your audience in a variety of ways. Remember to avoid these common mistakes when making your flyers. Adelphi Design and Print offers a variety of paper and customization options for a professional look and feel. If you would like to discuss details, please feel free to call the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected].