If someone asked you about your brand what would you say?  Would you tell them about your product, your service, your logo, or your reputation?  You’d probably tell them about all these things because your brand includes all of these aspects.


Your business branding is the sum total of everything you offer your customer to give them a positive experience and make them come to you and, more importantly, stay.


Your brand is your overall company image as it’s seen in the market and something that you can monitor and control.  Your brand is primarily the products you offer and the quality of service you deliver; this is backed up by the way your business, including your staff, your premises, your brochures and media and your website are presented.


If you haven’t looked at the way your business is presenting itself for a while the start of the New Year is a good time to do so.  For many businesses the beginning of the year may be slow to start moving and it’s a good time for housekeeping.  Your business design and printing may be a good place to start.


Things to look at include:

·      Are you happy with your logo?  Does it represent you or your product positively?  Is it dated or modern?  If your logo is well known, you may not want to change it at all, but sometimes a slight change to the font or shade can make the difference between a tired logo or a fresh looking logo.

·      What about the brochure you hand out to introduce yourself to prospective clients?  Perhaps the focus of your business has changed since they were produced or you’ve expanded the range of services you offer.  If your brochures include a pricing structure, is it still current?

·      If you hand out several brochures do you need a customized business presentation folder?

·      Is your sales message attractive and concise?  Is there a clear call to action on your promotional material?  Will people take notice and act? 

·      Does every promotional message you display reinforce a consistent brand image?  If you’re offering quality, reliability, innovation or service, is it clear to your clients?

·      If you have receipt books or flyers are they current?  Do they have your new mobile number and email on them?  Do they include your website address, Facebook and LinkedIn details?

·      Is all your promotional material consistent? 


If you think you could do with a New Year makeover looking at your business design and printing could give you a whole new, fresh look.