Are Booklets and Brochures Still Relevant in this Age of Online Marketing?

In this digital age when online marketing is the buzz word, you’re not the only one wondering if a business really needs to have any printed material. Today, start-ups and small businesses are investing in growing their online marketing efforts due to the comparatively lower costs. However, print media and real world interaction still play key roles in building customer confidence. We’ll give you five reasons why well-designed brochures and booklets have an important place in small business marketing strategies.


1 > Targeted Engagement

Printed booklets and brochures are one of the best ways to reach your target audience. An online tool like a website will have an effect that is similar to broadcasting something on television or radio – you send out a message hoping that your specific audience will be reached. Your targeted customer base needs to find you in an increasingly competitive online environment. On the other hand, when you give or send a printed booklet, these odds are in your favour simply because the material is relevant to your client. So every dollar you spend is spent on the right audience.


2 > Improved Brand Value

When you meet clients or prospects for a presentation in person, it tells them you value their business. Similarly, a professionally packaged leave-behind sends a message that you’re willing to invest in the relationship. No pop-up banner or downloadable app can provide the same level of human, personalized attention. It immediately improves the value of your brand in your client’s mind.


3 > Brand Presence

We all know how difficult it is to get that meeting with a prospective client. While you may have had a quick meeting to explore possible opportunities for partnering your client’s business, the booklet you left behind will complete the story. With a leave-behind, clients can easily learn more about your products, services and details of your business at their own convenience. Plus the booklet is a physical reminder of your brand. If something comes up, the client can easily check if you’re the one for the job.


4 > A 360 Degree Marketing Effect

The truth about modern-day marketing efforts is that no form of media can exist in isolation. Each must not only be in tandem but also be a great way to promote the other. When you design your booklet or brochure, don’t forget to provide links to online properties like your website, Twitter handle, Facebook page or YouTube channel. It’s a good way to guide clients to interact with your brand across multiple touch points allowing you to build deeper engagements with them.             


5 > Versatility and Customization

Booklets and brochures can be printed to suit your specific needs and budgets. You can vary the content, paper, sizes, shapes and colours. With Adelphi Design and Print you can even pick the kind of finish you’d like by using the options for the coating process. We also have the Silver printing technique for heavier paper varieties, which will give a distinctive, standout finish.

Now is a great time to use booklets and brochures to build a special, personalized relationship with your clients. With our convenient online ordering tool you can easily place your order. If you’d like to discuss in more detail, please call us on 1300 134 894 or email our team at [email protected].