5 Tips to Creating an Exceptional Brochure

Any time you create a piece of marketing material, you send out an impression about your company. If you give out the wrong impression, you can miss out on potential clients or other business prospects. Therefore, it is essential to make a brochure that stands out and is effective. If you are unsure what to do to create an exceptional brochure, you can start by utilising these tips.

1.  Plan Your Brochure by Starting with Your Purpose.

First and foremost you should always plan out your brochure. Many people want to start by thinking about the colours or fonts they want to use in their design. However, these elements are some of the last things to consider. Start by deciding who your target market is. Think about why you need a brochure and what you are trying to accomplish with it. Make sure to research brochures in your market. If you see qualities that have worked that you like, try incorporating them into your design.

2.  Encourage Your Reader to Keep Reading.

As with any multi-page design, the cover of your brochure is essential to the overall design. It is what encourages your reader to keep going. Try to think of ways that will make the viewer pick up the brochure or cause them to want to keep reading. Add information that will make your viewer think or something that will peak the interest of contents found inside the brochure.

3. Don’t Overdo Your Brochure.

One of the biggest mistakes with brochures is trying to cram too much information into it. Sometimes this is done with the text. Other times it is having too many pictures. Keep it simple. Overly worded brochures are often put back by readers. Convey your message by only including the information and pictures needed to get your point across effectively. Never try to show off. This will only cause your audience to be distracted, and a distracted audience very rarely will get the message you are trying to get across.

4. Write Your Brochure from Your Reader’s Perspective.

Another common mistake with brochures is writing the brochure from a business perspective. However, you need to think about the reader. Think about how your product or service can benefit them, and what terminology they use. Think about the order questions will come up from your reader. This will help you to determine the order of the brochure. Avoid using complicated sentences. You want your reader to understand everything you are telling them.

5. Avoid Leaving Your Reader with Questions.

One of the worst things a brochure can do is leave the reader with questions. The reader needs to understand all the information you are giving them. It should answer: who, what, when, where, why, and how. For instance, who is the business? What is the product or service? How will this product or service benefit me? These questions should be answered throughout the brochure in a brief manner.

Remember, to create an exceptional brochure is to follow your purpose. You need to design your brochure to achieve this purpose. Never overdo it. Make sure to keep your readers in mind. After all they are the ones who are reading it. Therefore, they need to understand the brochure and have a reason to want to keep on reading it.

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