5 Tips for Business Christmas Cards

Every year businesses around the globe get ready for the holiday season by purchasing holiday cards for their business. Sending cards are a great way to keep your business relationships front and centre. It allows for you to show your clientele, employees, and other business relationships that they matter. From keeping the cards tasteful to getting them to the receiver on time, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you with your business Christmas cards.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate. Make sure to start getting ready prior to the holidays. If you are sending Christmas cards, start before the month of December. Give yourself time to order your cards, send them out, and make your list.
  2. Make Sure Your List Is Accurate. Just like Santa, create your list and check it twice. Addresses, spelling, and any last minute changes all need to be accurate when sending out holiday cards. If you are sending the cards to a personal residence, make sure to add the spouse’s name. However, as a general rule unless you know the business relation personally, it is best to send to their place of business.
  3. Personalise the Cards. It is fine to order your cards preprinted. In fact, it gives your card a more professional look to them, but it is important to include a handwritten note to show more meaning. Address the envelopes by hand, rather than printing out a label. Small things can make the difference between your client remembering the card or whether they just throw the card away.
  4. Send Your Cards Early. Avoid the stress of worrying about whether or not your clients, suppliers, and others will receive their cards. By sending your cards early, you can ensure they will not only receive their card, but they will receive it prior to leaving for their holiday vacations. As a general rule, it is best to make sure all Christmas cards are sent out prior to December 15. However, if you are sending the cards out of the country, it is best to send them out even earlier.
  5. Know Your Contacts. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Be aware of the religious beliefs of those you are sending holiday cards to. If the receiver does not celebrate Christmas, try sending them a card that has themes like “Happy New Year” or “Season’s Greetings”.

Keeping your contacts and business relations are vital to the overall success of your business. The best part of using Christmas cards is they help build your current relationships, and research has proven sending Christmas cards is a great way for retention of these contacts. By using various tips and tricks, you can ensure that your holiday cards will be front and centre for your business contacts.

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