5 Steps to a Powerful Poster Design

Posters are a versatile marketing tool that can get your message out across great distances. They are used every day to showcase products, events, services, and more. But want makes a poster stand out? Is it the layout? The vibrant colours used? Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer, because it all comes down to your message. A design used to create a powerful poster for one company, may not work for another. Remember these important steps to help your posters to communicate your message.

  1. Plan It out. One of the biggest things you need to do before ever putting pen to paper is to plan out your design. Think about the layout, your message, and who you are trying to give your message to. Your target market will set the tone for the entire design.
  2. Use Colour Wisely. Colour can be used in wide variety of ways with posters. It can be useful to minimize the extra space, you can have high resolution photos that catch the eye, or even a black and white poster can make an impact when created correctly. The colour design should complement one another. Remember your target market when working with colour. For instance, if you’re target market is for people ages 60 and up, you won’t want to use vast amounts of vibrant colours. It can be overkill and cause you to miss out on the clientele you are trying to reach.
  3. Think about Your Layout. Your layout should avoid clutter and utilse your imagery, wording, size, and colour. Think about where your viewer will read the poster. and what kind of lighting is used around it. Is it going to be setup in a break room, signage for your your front door, or something posted behind a counter? Every aspect of the design needs to be thought about when creating your layout, from poster size to text alignment. The layout needs to bring your design together and not look like a cluttered mess.
  4. Font, Size, Text. One of the biggest aspects of your poster is the words you use. Avoid using long text blocks. Keep your message simple and straight forward. People very rarely stop to read a long length of text. Remember to think about your font size. One of the most common mistakes with using posters is using font that is too small. This makes it easy to walk past, especially if the poster is too far away to be read. Small font can also cause people to miss out on important details.
  5. Have a Call to Action. Make your message clear. Are you trying to get people to attend an event? Then clearly state the when, where, why, and how. Make sure your reader understands what it is you want them to do.

Whatever you are using your poster to market for, remember to plan ahead. It is the most important step in creating a powerful poster design. Think about your target market and what you are trying to accomplish with your poster. Colour and eye catching imagery can help to further create a powerful design, but never underestimate the power of a black and white creation.

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