5 Myths about Printed Marketing

Marketing is a part of every business. It is used in a variety of forms from technology methods, such as social media or running advertisements on television, while printed methods can include business cards or flyers. Each method has its own positive and negative aspects. However, over the years printed materials have started to get more and more misrepresented. Just like most rumors, it starts with one slight comment and grows throughout the business world. Unfortunately, this misrepresented information also leads to missed opportunities for many businesses.

Myth 1 – Print Marketing Methods Are Dead.

This is far from the truth. As a whole, we are a species that are visual creatures. People like references. Whether it is looking in a catalogue prior to purchasing online or having sales advertisements to show at the store, people like to visualise what they want prior to making their purchase. Plus many printed marketing efforts actually help boost sales, such as catalogues, brochures, or flyers.

Myth 2 – Printed Materials Are Not Eco-friendly.

Not being eco-friendly is actually one of the most harmful myths of printed materials. In fact, many businesses have, or are trying, to become a paper-free environment due to this myth. However, the fact remains, paper is a renewable resource. We can, and should, recycle our paper products. Many printing companies offer recycled paper options for their products. Not to mention, businesses have switched to obtaining paper from trees that are from sustainably managed forests.

Myth 3 -There Are Limited Options for Printed Materials.

There are PLENTY of options when it comes to printed materials. In fact, it is better for your marketing efforts to be creative with your printed materials. You want your marketing efforts to stand out from the rest and to draw attention from your consumers. Just make sure it draws attention for the right reasons. You can choose from different fonts, layouts, paper styles, or various colour options. The amount of options for printed materials in this day and age is really up to you. It is all a matter of what you can come up with.

Myth 4 – If It Doesn’t Work Instantly, the Printed Marketing Method Is Ineffective.

It doesn’t matter if you are using digital or printed marketing efforts, effective marketing doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, the best marketing approaches take time to establish. If you truly want a marketing option that will succeed, you need to think about whom you are offering your products or services to, and creating a way to make those individuals desire your products or services. Remember to give your printed materials time to take effect. Don’t give up on an approach before it has time to grow.

Myth 5 – Printed Materials Are Too Expensive.

Marketing efforts come down to your personal budget. Printed materials are available for every type of business from large to small. No matter what your budget is. It just takes time to research for the deal you are looking for. Often times, the bigger the order, the more money you will save. Printing styles can also affect the pricing. For instance, if you are looking for a large print job, look into offset printing. However, if you are in need of more high quality prints, you may want to use digital printing. Remember, a little research can go a long way in savings.

Printed marketing methods are far from over. Surveys have even been conducted showing consumers prefer to receive printed announcements rather than emails about the products they like. Think about how printed marketing materials can help your business. After all, you don’t want to let a great opportunity pass you by.

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