5 Key Elements for Effective Compliment Slips

Business cards, letterhead, and notepads are three items traditionally associated with branding, networking, and business communication. However, one indispensible printed material that is often overlooked is the compliment slip. These small slips of paper when used correctly promote goodwill, branding, and a professional corporate image. Compliment slips are also a great way to express gratitude and to establish a good business relationship.

1.  Contact Information

Compliment slips are used for a variety of purposes. Therefore, it is essential to place your contact information on them. If the person who is given the compliment slip doesn’t know how to respond to you, you are missing out on vital business communication. Make sure your contact information is accurate and that you place the methods you prefer to have them contact you. This can be by phone, email, or fax. If you have a more web-based business, make sure to include your website address.

2.  Company Name, Logo, and Slogan

Another important aspect to include is your company name and logo. This allows for further branding of your company. Not to mention, people will associate your name, logo, and other information (such as your slogan), with the design used. Using compliment slips also allows for marketing activity every time you distribute a slip.

3.  Same Colouring, Fonts, and Design

Whether you are using letterhead, business cards, or compliment slips, whatever fonts, colours, or designs you use for your printed marketing materials should always remain the same throughout the materials. The format needs to be universal across your products to ensure professionalism and for business relations to associate your materials with your business. It also allows for easier reading of your materials if you are sending multiple materials to the reader.

4.  Small Note or Line of Text

The small note or line of text varies depending upon the use of the compliment slip. Often times, companies will have multiple options printed out. This allows them to have a slip for each occasion they want to use them for. For instance, one option that features the line ‘Thank You’, one for ‘Happy Birthday’, and another that features the text ‘With Compliments’. The line of text used all depends on how you want to use your compliment slips.

5.  Space for a Handwritten Note

One of the most important parts of a compliment slip is the space for a handwritten note. The handwritten aspect of a compliment slip adds effect, and can also be what helps to win over a potential client or business associate. However, it is important to remember that compliment slips are not an alternative to formal communication. They are additional notes used in conjunction with other marketing or business materials.

Compliment slips can be used in a variety of ways for a company. From your company name to a small line of text, to make compliment slips effective it is essential to have five important elements to your design. Whether you’re using them to offer a ‘Thank You’ along with a purchase or an acknowledgement of appreciation, it is up to you how you want to customize your compliment slips. However, always remember to keep the design uniform with your other marketing materials.

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