5 Great Websites for Free Fonts

All marketers and graphic designers know a font can make or break a project. However, if you have ever gone searching for fonts online, you know there are many websites that offer free fonts that…well…suck. Some websites are hard to navigate. Others don’t provide previews. Avoid the hassle of sifting through website after website with these great options.

DaFont Website Image


DaFont offers one of the largest options of free fonts to choose from. As of September 2013, there were over 21,000 different free or donation based font options. The selection features a variety of fonts from modern to pop culture inspired options. The process for downloading is very easy and it offers customised preview options, meaning you can place whatever text you want ot view for the font preview.

TIP: Always provide your design to your printer in a high resolution PDF file. Always embed fonts or convert to outlines.

Font Squirrel Website Image

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is one of the highest rated sources for downloading free fonts. They can be used commercially or for personal use. Most fonts are availalbe @font-face compatible. Font Squirrel is easy to navigate and offers over 35 different font category choices.

HELPFUL HINT: TrueType and OpenType are the most common font formats for both the Windows and MAC operating systems. While .ttf and .otf are the most common file extensions used for both Windows and MAC operating systems.

Urban Fonts Website Image

Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts offers the standard option for font previews. However, they also add a different twist on the font preview. This is done by allowing you to view any font options, as well as your background choice, in whichever color you want. Urban Fonts has a great search option for fonts. Many sites go off traditional category, while Urban Fonts allows a more specific search option by allowing keyword options.

TIP: Remember your target audience and your content when choosing a font. For instance: older target markets tend to be attracted to traditional or more commonly used font choices.

Abstract Fonts Website Image

Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts is updated regularly and features over 13,000 free fonts. The site is very easy to navigate and offers a unique option not available on most, if any, other font websites. This option is the ability to see which fonts you have. All you have to do is click on the “View Yours” link. The site will quickly do a search and give you a list of all currently installed fonts on your computer. Plus new font options are added weekly.

HELPFUL HINT: TrueType is great for users who have limited experience either working with or installing fonts.

League of Moveable Type Website Image

League of Moveable Type

League of Moveable Type is the first website to push OpenType source free font. Their goal is to raise the standards on web design. To help keep their standards high, they have a strict process for fonts to be accepted. Fonts are available to be used both for personal and commercial purposes. The only requirement is to credit the original creator.

TIP: Make sure your font choice is easy to read. Avoid super small fonts and any handwriting styles. Although the handwriting fonts are cute to look at, this style of font tends to be either illegible or an impractical choice.

The influences fonts can have on your project are amazing. It can change the entire outlook of your design. For that matter, your choice in font can even influence what target market your design appeals to. With thousands of free fonts on the Internet, avoid the hassle of searching through different font sites and try one of these great options.