5 Great Ways Use Large Posters for Your Business

Posters, one of the simplest tools of broadcasting, can be just as effective in reaching your audience.  The golden rules of creating good marketing material apply to posters too – simple, clear content and eye-catching design as well as images will bring them the attention you seek. For small and medium businesses, posters provide an inexpensive yet exciting way of generating interest in their products and brands.


1. New Product Marketing

If you’re launching a new product, service or offer, a poster can be an appropriate way to inform your customer about this. A clever and attractive poster is excellent marketing material – both outside and at your place of business. Depending on your business you can use public places like schools, malls, offices, lamp posts, bulletin boards, coffee shops, local businesses and waiting sheds. But don’t forget to leverage some prime locations in your own office like shop windows, walls close to billing counters and boards, to announce your news.


2. Brand Campaigns

Using posters can help you craft an inexpensive brand campaign. The idea is to get your customers interested in your business without the use of tactical offers or discounts. The focus is on conveying brand values, testimonials of past work, key differentiators and value adds that your business brings to the market. Even huge brands recognize how effective posters can be, so there’s no reason why you should ignore this humble asset.


3. Marketing at Events

Posters can come to your aid even at trade fairs and business meets. In a sea of plain vanilla stalls and counters, posters can be used to dress up your space. They can also be displayed at prominent places like entrance areas, bulletin boards or recreation areas to guide visitors to your stall. Posters will add character and exude a business’s brand values making a visit to your stall memorable.


4. Employee Engagement

For most small and medium business owners, their employees tend to be the glue that holds everything together. Good leaders know that if your team is motivated, you can climb mountains. Posters can be used to create a good working culture and boost employee morale. Inspiring quotes, company policies as well as exciting things like ‘employee of the month’ posters can really add to the atmosphere.


5. Office Décor

Large posters can also be printed to add a splash of style and create a unique décor. You can print and hang art or artistic photographs of your products to enhance the interior design of your office. It’s an inexpensive way to build an environment with lots of inspiration and style that will lift the spirits of your team as well as customers.


Once you have identified what you need the posters for, work out a few concepts and designs. Experiment with text, images and colours. It may be a good idea is to test your designs with some people to gauge possible reactions before you roll out a campaign. This widely circulated, witty post by David Thorne does a brilliant job of illustrating just how well a poster can communicate effectively: Missing Missy.


Play around a bit with sizes, paper textures and designs to come up with posters that bring positive attention to your business. Adelphi Design & Print can help you create large posters to suit your needs. Take a look at online ordering tool to see how easy it is to order prints. If you’d like to discuss details, please feel free to call the Adelphi team on 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected].