5 Different Ways for Businesses to Use Magnets

It doesn’t matter who your target market is. Whether young or old, male or female, your marketing efforts need to grab the attention of your clientele. Magnets are able to be used in a variety of places, thus they offer both a versatile and functional marketing effort. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use magnets for your business.

1. Coupon – All businesses know that offering discounts or special coupons is a great way to draw in customers. By turning a magnet into a coupon, you allow the person a way to keep track of it until they are ready to use the coupon. Plus, if the promotion is something that doesn’t have an expiration date, or other limitations, you can easily turn your magnet coupons into a great investment. Once your customer returns the magnetic coupon to you, you have the ability to redistribute your magnets to other customers.

2. Special Events – If you host a variety of sales or other special events, a great way to advertise is with a specialty calendar magnet. This works great for anyone who knows what events they are hosting ahead of time. Just add the calendar into your magnet design, and highlight all of your events as a reminder to those you hand them out to. Not only are these handy to showcase events for your company, but they are also a helpful tool for your clientele that they will keep around all year.

3. Car Magnet – Car magnets can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them to place on delivery vehicles, as an advertising tool, or even create bumper sticker magnets to help your clientele to avoid the sticky mess associated with stickers. Car magnets offer flexibility and high visibility.

4. Promotional Gift – Promotional gifts can be used to hand out at tradeshows, place them in direct mail advertisements, or give them away to those who order your products. Everyone loves getting something for free. Magnets are very cost effective. Plus they are something that people tend to keep around, often placing them on the refrigerator.

5. Business Card – One of the downsides to business cards is they are often misplaced or become damaged. By creating a magnetic business card, you are allowing your business card to have more durability. Plus it keeps your card in view of your clients and those around them. Think about it. Everyone has something that they need to keep in front of them or some where they can find it. Your magnetic business card will fulfill that need and keep your business and contact information close at hand.

Magnets are a great investment that offers a function to both the business and the user. You can create more durable business cards, coupons, or just advertise with car magnets. There are a wide variety of way you can use magnets to market your business. The best part of working with magnets is that they are adaptable to whatever your needs are.

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