5 Design Tips to Create Impactful Business Cards

Successful marketers will testify to the fact that a good business card – one that clients would like to keep – can really take your company places. On the other hand an unprofessional looking card can end up being tossed aside.

So what can really help make your business card become a keeper? The answer’s simple – a good design. We’re talking pleasing aesthetics combined with functionality. If you just keep track of a few things, you’re sure to be happy with the results your card brings in.

1. Usefulness of Content

Always keep the information you put on your card to the bare minimum. Edit, edit, edit until you have only the vital details that are clear, concise and relevant. If you have a logo, don’t forget to include it as an essential.

2. Ease of Reading

Size does matter in this game so opt for appropriate font sizes. Also pick out fonts that are easy to read. You don’t want your clients squinting to find your webpage’s URL and then landing up at the wrong site. Try out different fonts, sizes and colours to get the best results.

3. Clean Layout

A business card is usually only 90mm x 55mm in size, so space is at a premium here. This is why the first tip is so important. Less content will mean less clutter. Create as much breathing space as possible. It will help the recipients to easily find the information they’re looking for. Some people also like to jot down notes on the cards – prices, discounts or meeting timings – and the open space will come in handy.

4. Audience and Brand Fit

Design for your audience. A business card is often the first point of contact for your customer and brand. Your design needs to appeal to customers and reflect your brand image. For instance, while a wedding photographer with a photojournalistic style may have a card that appears mature and artistic, a photographer who does portraits of babies can have cute or playful brand imagery.

5. Printing and Finishing

The ultimate result will depend on the finished product. A professionally printed card with a crisp output will look more presentable than a DIY effort. With a professional printer you have access to a variety of papers as well as finishing techniques. With the costs being so low, there really is no excuse to not go for a pro-finished product. Take a look at the many options at Adelphi Design & Print (

If you ensure your business card checks out on the five things listed above, you’ve got yourself a winner!  Simply go ahead and use your cards to open more doors for your business.

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