5 Advantages of Using Flyers

Flyers can be used for attracting new customers, for office announcements, or to retain current clients. They are a great way to get your message out there and in the hands of your prospects. Often times, the benefits of these printed marketing materials can be overlooked. However, with the right design, a flyer can really get your company name out there.

1.  Flyers Are Economical.

Flyers can be printed on the front or on both front and back. Even with both sides being printed on, flyers are still relatively inexpensive. The costs are dependent on you and the options you choose, such as paper stock or who is printing the items out. They are easily mass produced using a copy machine. However, there are other printing options to create higher quality flyers for larger quantities, such as off-set or digital printing.

2.  Flyers Are Flexible.

Flyers have a wide variety of uses. They can be used to promote specials, announce an upcoming event, or even used as a promotional method you can track, such as using coupon codes or a free gift with flyer option. Designs can be catered to fit any style that appeals to you. Your imagination is the limit.

3.  Flyers Are Easy to Distribute.

Flyers can easily be distributed to a large amount of people in a short amount of time. After the flyers have been printed, you can distribute them in any fashion you prefer. This marketing method can be delivered face-to-face, via email, or even placed in mailboxes or shopping bags. Generally, they are handed out in an area that has, or will have a large amount of people from within your target market.

4.  Flyers Are Easy to Produce.

Flyers are one of the easiest forms of marketing. Depending upon the design, flyers can easily be created within a short amount of time. Since they are so easy to produce, it also makes it easy to make changes. This can allow you to print them as necessary or make any corrections needed before your next batch is printed out.

5.  Flyers Are Easy to Read.

One of the best parts about flyers is that they generally require very little information. They are straight to the point. Most designs feature large font, a limited amount of words, as well as a large amount of white space. Flyers are used to attract attention and to build interest.

Whether you are announcing a new product or the next big office event, flyers are a great marketing method to use. These paper products offer a wide variety of uses, and can feature a wide range of customization options. Flyers are an economical marketing method used by businesses both large and small. It’s up to you to determine if they will benefit your business.

Remember the advantages to using flyers. Adelphi Design and Print offers a variety of paper and customization options to make a professional look and feel to your flyer designs. If you would like to discuss details, please feel free to call the Adelphi team at 1300 134 894 or email us at [email protected].